#Autonomous Robot | Applications

#Blue Robotics | Autonomous Navigation Technology

#Flow Robotics | Pipetting robot | Integrated magnetic deck, a coldplate, a cooling block, and a shaker with or without temperature control | Loops in washing steps for DNA purification or ELISA | Break points for protocols including incubation | Setting a timer in the program | Bottom touching the pipette after dispensing | Liquid level detection | Protocol optimization | Flowbot ONE software producing master mix and dispensing it into 96 well PCR plate | Glentevej 70A, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark

#Honeywell Robotics | Warehouse robots

#FORT | Nano Safety Controller

#Smart Robotic | Picking solutions

#Renu Robotics | Vegetation management

#Celeramotion | Precision Components | Mechatronic Assemblies

#Intuitive | Robotic Surgical Systems | Da Vinci | Ion

#Lucas Robotic System | Linear axis and robot gantries

#Dematic | Materials handling

#Yaskawa | Sensor integrated nodes, IP65 rated, solar rechargeable

#Robotion | Industrial Robots

#RNA Automation | Vision systems | Automated feeding; handling, robotic systems

#QFactory | Testing | Quality assurancy

#Carbon Robotics | Autonomous LaserWeeder Robot | Deep Learning | Laser | Lidar Sensor | Nvidia | Cumming

#Kinova Robotics | Ultra lightweight professional robots

#ABB Robotics | Robotics | Machine automation | Robotics campus | Collaborative and industrial robot arms | Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) | Innovation hub for robotics startups | Offering startups support to run proof of concepts, lend products and technology expertise and venture capital

#Teradyne | Automated testing machines

#Boston Dynamics | Spot robot | Radiation mapping autonomously | Gamma ray sensors | Personal dosimeters | Neutron detection | Alpha inspection with pancake sensors| Ability to withstand large amounts of radiation | Cabability to carry a variety of radiation detection payloads | Ongoing safe operation and eventual decommissioning of nuclear power plants | Machine learning algorithms | AI

#United Robotics | News automation services

#Ommatidia Lidar | 3D Light Field Sensor

#Navvis | Accurate mobile mapping of indoor spaces

#Leddar Sensor | LiDARs for mobility, ITS and industrial applications

#Analog Devices | Analog, mixed signal, and DSP integrated circuits

#ControlEng | Software products for engineers and scientists

#Pnicorp | Sensor systems for military

#OXTS | Oxford Technical Solutions | GNSSbaided inertial navigation systems

#Fetch Robotics | Just in time material delivery in manufacturing

#Telematik Zentrum | Center for Telematics

#Ecer | Robot Arm

#Proteus | Amazon | Autonomous Mobile Robot | AMR

#Velodyne | Lidar | Vision for autonomous mobile robots

#Boston Dynamics | Firefighting robot | Spot | Robot dog | New York City Fire Department | FDNY | Search and rescue missions | Measuring the concentration of gases and chemicals | Chemical attack | Natural disaster | Industrial accidents

#Argo | Improving float lifetimes | Powered by lithium or hybrid batteries | Iridium transmitters | Mission parameters can be transmitted | Floats carry GPS devices | Ice detection | Ice Sensing Algorithm | Ice sensing algorithm parameters locally tuned to reflect the regional sea ice | New float design to dive all the way to the ocean floor (6000 m) | Floats with spherical shapes | Hulls made of glass | CTD sensor on the float for temperature, salinity and pressure measurements | Measuring biogeochemical (BGC) parameters | Oxygen, pH, nitrate, chlorophyll a, backscattering and irradiance sensing

#Port Automation | Supply chain automation | Software assisted cranes | Autonomous vehicles | Digital checkpoints | Metrics: average minutes to unload a container, hours a ship spends in port to complete delivery of its cargo | Container Port Performance Index | Fully automated cargo handling equipment | Automated terminals | Automated cranes | More than 300 seaports in USA contributed $5.4 trillion to the economy before the pandemic | Los Angeles and Long Beach, California Ports | American Association of Port Authorities | Blomberg Business News

#Yanmar | Autonomous spraying robot | Less soil compaction | Ascending and descending slopes of up 45 degree | Fully autonomous with GPS | Electrostatic spraying | All surfaces of the plant are treated efficiently and economically | The amount of water or chemicals used is optimised and with less waste

#HarmonicDrive☆| Rotary Actuators | Gear Units

#Advanced Motion Control | Global motion control experts with industry-leading products

#Performance Motion Devices | Motion control with an integrated digital current loop for medical, scientific, robotics, and automation applications | Programmable device that provides positioning, velocity, and torque control for Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors

#JAKA Robotics | Graphic Programming | Set and adjust positions and tasks with ease | Drag Teaching | Moving the cobot to any position, and it will memorize it instantly | JAKA APP | Teaching the robot | Remote Monitoring | Monitor robot tasks and set alerts

#Structural color | Chameleon like, color shifting materials | Stretching a piece of film to reveal a hidden message | Checking an arm band color to gauge muscle mass | Sporting a swimsuit that changes hue as one does laps | Elastic materials that when stretched can transform their color | Printed films revealing the imprint of objects | Structural color arising as a consequence of a material microscopic structure | Robotic skin that has a human like sense of touch | Devices for things like virtual augmented reality or medical training | University of Cambridge | The Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at the Brigham | Women Hospital | National Science Foundation | MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation | Samsung | MIT ME MathWorks seed fund | MIT

#MassRobotics | Ori | Ikea | Boston Seaport District | Amazon | Google | Mitsubishi Electric | Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT | Cybernetix Ventures

#RGoRobotics | Perception Engine | AGV | AMR | Environments where machines and people operate in close proximity

#VARTA | Application Specific Batteries (ASB) | Energy Solutions

#Flow Robotics | Automated pipetting

#GAM | Robotic and servo gear | GPL Robotic Planetary | GCL Cycloidal | GSL Strain Wave | Precision Rack & Pinion | Linear Mount Products for Cartesian Robots | Manufacturing | IL, U.S.

#Cobot | Collaborative Robots | Universal Robotics (UR) | Techman | AUBO

#Boston Dynamics | Enterprise asset management | Spot CAM+IR | Get more data on the health of your assets | See imaging results | Trigger alerts when assets go out of bounds |Review data trendlines on Scout | Add Area Callbacks to regions for safety checks | Set up Strict Path Following mode on autonomous missions | Enable Ground Clutter Avoidance on autonomous missions | Automatic Stairs Mode | Connected Logging and Licensing

#Parvalux | Electric motors | Geared Motors for Robotic Solutions

#Stretch robot | Boston Dynamics | NFI | Third party logistics provider (3PL) | Unloading trucks and containers | Moving freight through facilities | Inbound and outbound distribution centers

#HELUKABEL | Cables, Wires and Accessories for Robotics | Sensor technology and data | Network and bus technology | Control and motor | Customer specific solutions

#Agility Robotics | Humanoid Robot Factory in Salem,Oregon | Digit | Bipedal robot | Moving totes and packages | Unloading trailers at warehouses

#phd | Grippers | Flexion

#Harmonic Drive | Precision servo actuators | Gearheads | Gear component sets

#Robotics Engineering | Intelligent Sensing for Object Recognition, Manipulation and Control | Design, Development and Simulation Tools for Robotics Development | Developing Intelligent Robots - Machine Learning on Edge, Cloud and Hybrid Architectures | Advanced Motion Control Solutions for Robotics Systems | Intelligent Vision and Sensing Solutions for Autonomous Mapping and Navigation | Motion Control for Healthcare Robotics Applications: Functional Requirements, Critical Capabilities

#FARobot | Swarm Autonomy solution

#NVIDIA | Mission Client | Isaac ROS GitHub | ROS 2 Humble | Nav2 navigation stack | OTTO Motors | InOrbit | VDA5050 Connector | MQTT | OASIS standard messaging protocol for Internet of Things (IoT) applications | Open Robotics

#General Atomics | Air to Air Laser Communication System | Crosslinks from aircraft to other platforms such as unmanned aircraft, maritime vessels, and space systems

#Swisslog | AutoStore system | HOK Elanto | Aviapolis | Vantaa | Pirkanmaa | Finland

#SatelIoT | IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT

#Jetson Orin Modules | NVIDIA | Advanced robotics and edge AI applications | Manufacturing | Logistics | Retail | Service | Agriculture | Smart city | Healthcare | Life sciences

#NATO | Innovation Fund | Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) | Dual use emerging technologies of priority to NATO | Artificial intelligence | Quantum enabled technologies | Autonomy | Biotechnology |Novel materials | Energy | Propulsion | Space

#RACE | Robotic Applications in Challenging Environments | Boston Dynamics SPOT robot | Control, Estimation and Modelling | Robotics and artificial intelligence collaboration | Remote maintenance for future fusion reactors | Maintenance done using cameras – no direct viewing is possible | Virtual reality software | Augmented reality software

#ITER | Remote Maintenance | Designing for Remote Handling | Cutting and welding large diameter stainless steel pipes | Hot cell | Vacuum vessel | Cassettes must be exchanged | Each cassette must be positioned with millimeter precision | Assystem UK | Reel | Remotely replacing the beam sources of the neutral beam heating system | Amec Foster Wheeler

#ESS | The European Spallation Source | Neutron source | Active Cells Facility

#MRF | Materials Research Facility | Assessing radioactive material performance in nuclear reactors | Culham Science Centre near Oxford

#Enabled Robotics | Intralogistics automation for the manufacturing industry | Picking of objects as well as their transportation | Mobile cobot | Collaborative robot

#Universal Robots | Cobot automation | Higher payload, longer reach cobot | Palletizing | Light enough to be unbolted and relocated or attached to a heavy base with wheels | Industry 5.0 | Working alongside robots

#WWF | Halting and reversing biodiversity loss | Conserving land, freshwater and ocean globally | Protection of intact ecosystems | Tackling unsustainable production | Eliminating subsidies harmful to nature | Reducing the unsustainable footprint of production and consumption

#Dusty | Robotic Layout System | FieldPrinter | Printing points, text and lines directly from a CAD file | Layout on any flat surfaces including concrete, plywood subfloor, wood formwork, and asphalt | Tablet interface

#Open Ocean Robotics | Protecting oceans with uncrewed systems | Ocean monitoring | Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) | Deterring illegal fishing | Working with WildAid and Oceankind for safeguarding Marine Protected Areas (MPA) | Detecting marine mammals

#ARM Institute | Semiconductor industry robotics

#CESMII | Semiconductor industry robotics

#MxD | Semiconductor industry robotics

#Medrobotics | Surgical robots

#Hebi Robotics | Modular robots

#Kodiak | kodiakDriver | Autonomous trucks | Network of transfer points | Fleet management tools | Self driving operations

#Lin Engineering | Motion control products | Hybrid step motors | PM steppers | Linear actuators | BLDC motors | Servo motors | Frameless BLDC motors | Slotless BLDC motors | Robotics automation applications | Manufacturing robots | Delta robots | Collaborative robots | California based manufacturing facility

#Built Robotics | Autonomous solar piling robot | Robotic pile driver | RPD 35 surveys, distributes, drives, and records every pile for an all-in-one machine | Hammer working at 500 blows per minute | Sled carrying system | Pile plot plan is uploaded to the robot computer | Pile plan is automatically divided into sequences of piles | Each sequence is manually loaded into pile baskets | Pile baskets are forked onto sleds with telehandler | Autonomous piling task is initiated | Robot installs all the piles in its payload, then returns to its starting position to be reloaded

#Agility Robotics | Digit | Digit Robot | 175 cm (5’9’’) | <65kg (14l lbs) | Can carry up to 16 kg (35 lb) | Works 16 out of 24 hours | Autonomous Charging | Connects itself to its docking station | Walks forward, backward, side to side | Turns in place | Crouching walk | Up and down inclines | Across unstructured terrain

#Boston Dynamics | Warehouse robotics | Stretch; moving boxes around a warehouse | Kinema; box detection machine learning pipeline | Unloading trucks the first application

#Posiva | Robotic machining station | Machining operations | Fuel canisters for final disposal are inspected at the station | Verifying canister surface quality and absence of welding defects | Verifying dimensions of the canister, down to a hundredth of a millimetre | Robot takes sample of canister surface for contamination analysis before canister moves to welding station

#Metecno | Machining station for Posiva on special order | Designing and building customised CNC machine tools and CNC machining centres

#Apptronik | Human centered robotic systems | Robotics systems operating in close proximity to humans | Astra upper body humanoid robot | Dreamer upper body humanoid developed by MEKA for UT Austin HCRL

#ANYbotics | ANYmal legged inspector robot | Read off value of analog gauges | Read out analog counters | Check state of lever-operated valves | Capture photo for manual analysis | Continuous bookkeeping of structural changes | Scanning and documenting 3d environment data as a digital twin | Workforce browser-based ANYbotics Field Operator application | Field Operator mode: enables to steer, set points of interest, visualize recorded facility maps, and create inspection missions | Mission Controller mode: enables to safely control single ANYmal, monitor fleet, and execute validated missions from thousands of kilometers away | Robot Administrator: unlocks protected functions for fleet-wide software upgrades

#Situate | Applications

#ANYbotics | ANYmal inspector | Legs move up and down stairs, climbing over obstacles, steps, and gaps, and crawling into tight spaces | Delivers reliable performance in harsh indoor and outdoor environments and through rain, splash water, wind, snow, and dust | Self righting: able to get back on its feet should it lose balance | Autonomously navigates complex multi story environments | Once guided through environment, remembers every detail and finds the quickest route to perform its mission | Avoids obstacles and moves over rough terrain | Learns where to go and what to do for repetitive inspection routines | Localizes at centimeter accuracy in both confined spaces and large open environments | Automatic docking | Multiple docking stations

#Univercity California San Diego (UCSD) | Situating Robots in Emergency Department | Applied AI in Healthcare | Robot design for Emergency department (ED)

#NeurIPS workshop | Generating Situated Robot Task Plans using Large Language Models

#Self Repairing Cities | Buggy dropper drone |Eight rotor drone with capability to hold, carry and deploy a remote control buggy, situating it in potentially hardt to reach or otherwise inaccessible areas

#Robotnik | Mobile service robotics |Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Surveillance robots | Spain | EU

#Kitchen Robotics | Beastro | Dark kitchen sector

#Boston Dynamics | Robot Dog | Spot | LAPD | Incidents involving active shooters | Assessment of explosives | Hostage situations | Natural disasters | Hazardous materials assessment | Barricaded suspects | Search and rescue missions

#Chieftek Precision | Miniature robotic arms

#BlueBotics | Feature matching | Measurements from vehicle laser scanners are compared (matched) to permanent map references (features) such as walls and pillars | Reflective stickers added to provide additional references | Features are highly distinctive due to specific size and angle of each | References are simple for system to identify and successfully match | Robot uses mix of odometry and feature matching, excluding all impermanent dynamic objects (boxes, people) from calculations | Resulting map contains only coordinates of static, permanent features | Feature matching technology needs to recognize 5% or less of environment for accurate positioning | Map used by autonomous vehicle not updated unless permanent features in environment change | No need for strong, consistent wifi access | Low bandwidth connectivity only for server-led interactions, such as when vehicles interface with equipment (elevators, automatic doors), and for traffic control

#FANUC | Laser cutting | Parts washing | Machine tending industry | Parts handling | Super heavy parts handling | 2D Camera | 3D Laser Vision Sensor | ZDT (Zero Down Time) | Connecting robots with Ethernet | Centralized management system of Mechanical Condition Check, Process Status Check, Preventive Maintenance, and System Health Check | General purpose humanoid | Robots to handle general tasks | Enabling robots to learn and interact with environment | Humanoids designed to caring for elderly or even cooking meals | Focusing primarily on industrial warehouse applications to start

#ForwardX Robotics | Increasing picking productivity by reducing wasted movement for workflow efficiency

#Ecorobotix | Autonomous sprayer powered by artificial vision

#A2Tech | Mobile robotics solutions for industrial inspection

#Advanced Navigation | Navigation systems and robotics technologies

#Aibo Medical Robot | Vascular interventional surgery robots

#Angsa Robotics | Mobile robots automating rubbish collection

#Blue Atlas Robotics | Manufactures subsea inspection robots and provides marine survey solutions

#Urban Machine | Manufactures robotics technology for lumber reclamation operations

#Skyline Robotics | High-rise window-cleaning robot

#RGo Robotics | Artificial perception | Enabling robot to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously | Camera-based system to localize, map and perceive in even the most challenging conditions including indoor/outdoor, dynamic and unstructured environments

#United Robotics Group | Unites service robotics companies in ecosystem by bundling hardware and software expertise under one roof | Robots for humans

#Ocean Infinity | Data AUVs collect at Morro Bay help Equinor develop and refine its floating offshore wind farm design and inform site assessment, construction and operations plans

#Advanced Farms Technologies | Strawberry harvester | Agtech

#Fluke | Boston Dynamics | Robotic Acoustic Inspection | Compressed air systems | Automating the inspection of compressed air lines | Fluke SV600 helps find leaks | Deep learning-based visual inspection software for manufacturing industry | Acoustic Imager

#Figure AI | Robot demonstrating dynamic bipedal walking | Torque control |Modular control strategy | Whole body reasoning | Manipulation | Humanoid for initial deployment into workforce to address labor shortages

#Mecademic Robotics | Six-axis industrial robot arm | Robot arms built entirely from aluminum | Control by Python | SCARA robot achieves position repeatability of 0.005 mm, enabling to automate even the most intricate tasks and elevate product quality | Montreal | Canada | Maxon micromotors

#Maxon | Precision micromotors | Meca500 replaces manual testing process in collector production, increasing efficiency and decreasing possibility of human error | Meca500 tests 280 printed circuit boards (PCBs) for Maxon miniature motors every 40 minutes

#Arimation Robotics | Custom automation solutions | Mecademic Robotics

#Knightscope | NASDAQ:KSCP |Autonomous Security Robots | ASR | Deterring, detecting, and reporting crime | Automated Gunshot Detection (AGD)

#Brightpick | Autonomous mobile picking robot | Robotically picks and consolidates orders directly in warehouse aisles | 3D scanner | CMOS sensor | AI platform for intelligent picking and depalletization applications | Robotic software for industrial bin picking applications

#Aker BP | Valhall platform | ANYmal X | ANYbotics | Industrial data gathering | Improving decision-making in offshore operations | Tampnet offshore network | ANYmal X integrated LTE

#Baumotor | Robotic system integrator for construction industry | Germany, EU

#Karelics | Fleet management system for construction robots | Project-based cloud system | Scheduling of robots | BIM model | Virtual walls | Horizontal and vertical logistics | No-go zone virtual locations labeling | Virtual locations as navigation shortcut | Photo documentation | Progress monitoring | Subcontractor Coordination | Safety inspection | Equipment Maintenance | Material Tracking | Conflict Resolution

#Igus | Collaborative robot | Robotic hand | Finger gripper

#Sanctuary AI | Pheonix humanoid robot | Human-scale applications | General-purpose robot | Hybrid autonomy for teleoperation of robotic arms

#Anybotics | Workforce App | Operate ANYmal robot from device | Set up and review robot missions | Industrial Inspection

#Blue Atlas Robotics | Sentinus Go! App | Underwater inspection robot

#IDS | Industrial image processing | 3D cameras | Digital twins can distinguish color | Higher reproducible Z-accuracy | Stereo cameras: 240 mm, 455 mm | RGB sensor | Distinguishing colored objects | Improved pattern contrast on objects at long distances | Z accuracy: 0.1 mm at 1 m object distance | SDK | AI based image processing web service | AI based image analysis